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Till We Find It (feat. Snrlz & Rahlo)

from Kids Club 2013 by The Crossing Music



When I was a kid I looked for treasure everyday and everyway and everywhere I looked I couldn’t find it.
So I commit my life, commit my life to Christ
and I tell everyone that I cannot deny it.
I’m in this place to race to find this treasure that’s better than gold,
but the hardest part is knowing exactly which way to go.
Up down left right north south far and wide.
I need the map for this treasure that I wanna find.

I had a vision for the riches inside my mind.
Took the narrow path, now I'm leaving all that behind.
Meditation on the real's got me so inclined,
plus my mama said that when you seek, you will find.
So now it's feeling like a fire inside my bones;
a sensation like nothing I've ever known.
I ain't that brotha that can live on just bread alone,
so I'm like, let's spit some truth in the microphone.
I've got a vision for the riches that ain't the same
as the people that you see flaunting platinum chains,
or 24's; they want some more just to make it rain.
Be careful what you're planting inside your brain.
See, a lotta voices claim that they want to take it back
but a lotta them don't ever really be facing facts.
The provolone and mozarella, they're chasing that,
but the wealth that don't rust, I'm embracing that!

We're on a treasure island, gonna look till we find it.

Do the Pirate Jig.

My main man Jimmy and his boy, Gergu, what are they up to?
Probably looking for silver and gold,
things and rings and blings and sphinx with wings, methinks. Methinks?
That ain’t a word but I say it anyway.
We’re pirates and we go real hard everyday.
Back in my heyday, I had a big payday;
I pulled a Jack Sparrow and never paid my enemy.
We crashed on land vast with grass, and trees and flying things.
Our Redeemer Jesus Christ, the greatest fisher, teacher, shepard, preacher, world's greatest leader; knew we’d be believers;
looking for the treasure and now he takes us deeper.


from Kids Club 2013, released June 4, 2013
written, engineered, produced, & performed by Andrew Camp (Snrlz)
additional engineering, mixing & mastering by David A. Cover
verse 2 lyrics & vocals by Michael Porter (Rahlo)
vocals by Christine Cover

special appearances by Jimmy The #1 Fan & Gergu
special thanks to Rachel Tiemeyer & Candace Lawhon


all rights reserved



The Crossing Music Columbia, Missouri

Songs by the music team at The Crossing in Columbia, MO.

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